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He’s been curating Orange Date events since 2013 and hosted names like Darkside, Kyle Hall, Marcellus Pitmann, Francois K, Soul Clap, Wolf + Lamb, No Regular Play as well as local artists such as Jonny Rock, Baris K, Sarp Yilmaz, Tutan, Mehmet Aslan, Eren Eren and many more. Vesvese parties continue at another legendary spot, Minimuzikhol on Thursdays. He pays his respect to his influences of Turkish Folk with his local collaborative project, FOC Edits. Kaan’s musical journey gathers Detroit Techno to Disco, Jazz to Folk. You can find him continuing his journey around the universe of sounds, digging records, chopping samples and breaking analog systems at his vinyl and sound equipments shop and studio, Analog Kultur at Galata, Istanbul.

Anything But Mondauy – Its Just A Little Crush (Club Mix) (3:28)
Basskingz ft Jayski Of Quadcitydjs & DJ Babylac – Surfboard (Main) (3:17)
Baxsta – Jump Voltage (Original Mix) (6:30)
Baxsta – Jump Voltage (T Star Remix) (6:30)
Daniela Carpio-Contigo Quiero Estar (Radio Edit) (3:43)
Danny Diamonds ft Rhythmwalker – Dance With Me (Original) (4:10)
Danny Diamonds ft Solymar – All The Time (Original) (5:33)
Frequenc – Lies Way (Original Mix) (8:27)
Frequenc – Spell Moon (Original Mix) (7:29)
Frequenc – To The Stars (Original Mix) (8:07)
Mario Ochoa ft Anything But Monday-Conjuro Crush (Djcj Bootleg) (6:40)
Papayo – Quiero Vacilar (Dirty) (3:13)
Simo Romanus – Eleras (Original Mix) (3:51)
Simo Romanus – Slinky (Original Mix) (3:24)
Steve Roberts ft Nellee – This Beat (Radio Edit) (2:41)
T Walker – Set Me Free Original Mix (Feat Melissa B) (3:27)
The Temper Trap-Sweet Disposition 2015 (Island Nation Remix) (4:18)

Kaan Duzarat - Piece For BassKaan Duzarat - Piece For BassKaan Duzarat - Piece For BassKaan Duzarat - Piece For Bass